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Our cookie policy


This Cookie Policy provides a clear and specific explanation of how we use the personal information we collect through your use of our web site https://www.thehareandthetortoise.pt (hereinafter referred to as "website").

Our website uses cookies to ensure we deliver a unique and personalised experience, and to share aggregated data with our technology parties to continuously improve our website and your browsing experience.

By exploring the Hare and The Tortoise, Lda. (hereinafter referred to as H&T) website, you expressly agree with our Cookie Policy.


Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on and saved to your device whenever you visit a website (and which typically have a unique identifier) so that they can be used whenever you visit our website.

Some cookies are only created when certain features are used, whereas H&T may use other cookies that are constantly generated and used. H&T and other third-party service providers may also store permanent cookies, which are stored in the browsers of your access devices and are used whenever you return to the website (and provided the cookies are required for proper use of the website), and may use temporary session cookies that remain in the cookie file until you quit your browser.

You can learn more about the cookies we use from the list provided below. H&T updates the list periodically so it may not reflect all cookies used at any given time. We also use web beacons, tags and scripts on our website and in the emails we send to better understand the patterns of usage of our website.

For more information about cookies, you can visit the following two websites that provide more detailed information about cookies, with which H&T has no commercial or legal relationship: http://www.allaboutCookies.org or https://www.aboutCookies.org/.


Almost all websites use cookies. Cookies do not harm the devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) they are stored on and enable a better user experience of the platforms, both when it comes to performance and browsing, as content is tailored to the real needs and expectations of users.

Cookies thus allow our website to store information about your visit, such as language preferences, your location, session recurrence and other variables that we believe are important to make your browsing experience more comfortable and efficient.


Below is some detailed information about the cookies we use on our website.

The H&T website or the emails we send contain links to other websites and apps, including those of our partners. If you follow any of those links or access the apps, please keep in mind that the respective Cookie Policies are the sole responsibility of the entities who run them. As such, we recommend that you read the Cookie Policy of other platforms or apps before using them.

H&T uses 2 (two) types of cookies on its website:

a) Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are generated to enable and optimise features offered on the website and to improve your browsing experience. These cookies currently include

:PHPSESSID, xms_user, xms_cookie_set

H&T uses these cookies to:

Allow our servers to respond to certain actions on the website or to simply allow our users to browse the website, which will not work on your device without these cookies.

  • Name of the cookie: PHPSESSID
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: To enable or optimise the features offered by the website and to improve the user’s browsing experience
    Duration: session cookie
    Type of cookie: essential
  • Name of the cookie: xms_user
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: To enable or optimise the features offered by the website and to improve the user’s browsing experience
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within five days
    Type of Cookie: essential
  • Name of the cookie:  xms_cookie_set
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: To save user preferences in relation to viewing the cookie banner
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within a year
    Type of Cookie: functionality

b. Analytical cookies

These cookies are used anonymously to create and analyse statistics so as to continuously improve the website and, thereby, deliver a better user experience.

H&T uses these cookies:

For analysis purposes: We use Google Analytics to better understand how users are using the website to help manage the performance and design of the website. Google will store this information. To read the Google Privacy Policy please visit https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=pt-PT&gl=pt

These cookies currently include: _gat,_ga,_gid

  • Name of the cookie: _gid
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: Used to distinguish users
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within a day 
    Type of Cookie: analytical
  • Name of the cookie: _ga
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: Used to distinguish users
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within two years 
    Type of Cookie: analytical
  • Name of the cookie: _gat
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: Used to control usage rates
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within a minute 
    Type of Cookie: analytical

C) Third-party cookies

For sharing purposes: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, AddThis, Google Maps and other third-party tools may install cookies for the purpose of sharing content on social media or to compile website statistics. The presence, number and status of cookies depend on how the platforms concerned are used before or after a visit to this website. We recommend that you read the cookie policy of those social networks available on the respective websites. Sometimes we use third-party web services to display content on our website, for example, to show photos or videos or to conduct surveys. Just like social media share buttons, we cannot prevent these external websites or domains from collecting information about how the incorporated content is used.

We use AddThis to provide the share feature. AddThis uses cookies. To read the Oracle Privacy Policy, please visit https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=pt-PT&gl=pt


  • Name of the cookie:  atuvc
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: This cookie is associated with the AddThis social media share widget.
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within a year
    Type of cookie: functionality
  • Name of the cookie:  atuvs
    Entity responsible: H&T
    Purpose: This cookie is associated with the AddThis social media share widget.
    Duration: persistent cookie, deleted within thirty minutes
    Type of cookie: functionality

Both types of cookies (strictly necessary and performance cookies) are essential to maintaining the effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use of the website, and to ensure an immersive and consistent user experience. As such, not all of these cookies can be disabled automatically.

Analytical and third-party cookies are controlled by external entities so it is impossible to guarantee that the list of cookies is up-to-date.


You may totally or partially disable the use of cookies at any time. This may, however, cause some website features to not work properly (particularly those of this website).

How you disable cookies depends on the browser you are using, so please refer to the “Help” function of your browser for more information. For example:

  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings
  • If you use Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy and Security > Cookies.
  • If you use Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings.

Browsers let you control some cookies under the respective settings. Most browsers allow you to block cookies or to block cookies from specific websites or to enable the private browsing mode.

Please remember that by authorising the use of cookies they may be permanently stored on your computer/device for a longer period of time. You can, however, delete the cookies at any time. For example, browsers can help you delete cookies when you close the website. Nevertheless, if you delete cookies, please remember that any opt-outs or preferences saved related to the website will be lost.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser

To let visitors decide how Google Analytics collects their data, Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on. Using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on will not prevent the information from being sent to the website itself or to other web analytics services. Learn more about the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on

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