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We’re much more than a working space. We’re a diverse community that inspires you and where ideas, experience and knowledge flow freely.

The Hare and The Tortoise – a coworking project thrives to cater for each member’s different pace and for a way to balance work and leisure.

At the end of the day, what drives us is your happiness and well-being, thus ensuring productivity at work, no matter what you do!

We offer a Members Only club for those who value a sophisticated and modern environment that encourages and favors the diversity of knowledge and rhythms.

The fable behind our name works as the perfect analogy for the different paces in our daily lives and embodies what we stand for. The coexistence between the tortoise and the hare in the same workspace will undoubtedly make for a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. The hare’s pace, fast and frantic, goes hand in hand with the tortoise’s slow and steady pace.

We promote sharing workspaces, professional and social networking, constructive debate, individual or joint creation, events and work meetings as essential elements for the well- being and balance of those who choose us.

Activity based working, in a multifunctional, minimalist and innovative space that encourages focus and drives productivity, but which is also comfortable, inspiring shared creativity.

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